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Hunting the Gold of the Sea

For a few days after a gale, amber is to be found on the beaches of Rømø and along the shore of the Wadden Sea.
Amber is fossilised resin from extinct coniferous trees that grew in northern Europe millions of years ago. The sticky substance oozed out of the trees when, for example, they were damaged, and while the amber flowed, small animals and bits of plants often stuck to it, which is why you can often feel you have been transported back to prehistoric times millions of years ago when you look into a lump of amber.
The beaches on Rømø are not only among the best in Europe and the most inviting when you want to take a dip or laze in the sun. At the right times - especially after northerly or southwesterly gales - there is a good chance of finding 'The Gold of the Sea' on the beach, along a line running parallel with the water's edge, where it has been swept ashore along with other materials. So in the days after a gale you can often make many exciting and at times quite valuable finds - if you keep your eyes peeled.
Amber is soft, often transparent and varying in colour from yellowish white to yellow and brown.
Good luck with hunting the gold of the sea!

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