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The largest gold find in the North

The very storied Gold Horns were discovered in the village Gallehus, approx. 1 km north of Møgeltønder. A short and a long horn. The long horn was discovered by the lace-maker Kirsten Svendsdatter in 1639. She stumbled over it on her way from Østerby to Tønder. Erich Lassen from Gallehus discovered the short horn in 1734 when he was ploughing.

The Gold Horns were kept at the Royal Cabinet of Curiosities. In 1802 a goldsmith broke into the Cabinet and stole the valuable Gold Horns. The theft was discovered the following morning. But it took almost 1 year before the burglar was caught. In the meantime he had remelted the horns into jewelleries and false golden coins. The Gold Horns had disappeared forever.

The Gold Horns were widely decorated with pictures. To us they are a mystery. But they must have had an obvious meaning to those who created them. No one has ever been able to interpret the pictures on the horns. So the mystery has not been solved yet.

Two monuments are erected in Gallehus. Tønder Museum exhibits a copy of the impressive Gold Horns.

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